Melhor que o IPhone?


While smart-phone makers cower in the looming shadow of the June release of the iPhone from Apple, a small cellphone service provider called Helio is introducing a device that is getting plenty of buzz.

Helio’s phone, the Ocean, has two keypads. Sliding the phone up reveals a standard phone keypad, while sliding to the side reveals a full QWERTY keyboard. The 4-inch-long phone has a 2.4-inch display and 200 megabytes of internal memory for video and audio recordings and media files.

Helio gives the phone its own special interface and offers downloadable content including games, TV shows, movies and music.

The Ocean also handles e-mail, instant messaging and Global Positioning System services. What makes the Ocean stand out is the integration of almost all of these services into its contacts software. Each contact listing has small icons that show your friend’s current status in AIM, Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger.

The Ocean, priced at $295, will be available at dealers this month, giving it a bit of a head start on the iPhone.

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