MSN Mobile vai ter download de músicas


Microsoft has teamed up with Vidzone to put music downloads on its MSN Mobile portal.
The service makes around one million full tracks, ringtones and music videos from record labels such as Sony Music, EMI Music and Warner Music available to consumers across all UK operators.

Full Tracks cost £1.50, realtones cost £3.00 and videos are £2.00 each. The MSN Mobile Music Service is compatible with over 130 popular handsets with more being added in 2009.
Hugh Griffiths, director of MSN Mobile UK, said, “This is an exciting proposition that for the first time give consumers a network agnostic service with a vast array of new and old music from major music labels.  
"In the 12 months since launch, MSN Mobile has already become the UK’s largest commercial non-operator mobile portal. This is another step in its development”

VidZone already works with Microsoft on the Xbox Live service and the MSN Video portal.

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