VoIP e WiFi juntos: o que falta?

Voice over Wi-Fi: No Slam Dunk

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Vo-Fi integration efforts have taken a back seat to more immediate technical wireless LAN hurdles. The industry has been preoccupied with addressing security vulnerabilities and centralized management architectures for scalability.

Much fanfare has been made about conducting enterprise Voice over IP (VoIP) calls over 802.11 wireless LANs, or Wi-Fi. To date, though, there has been far more discussion than mainstream enterprise deployments of "Vo-Fi."

Just 18 percent of 419 enterprises surveyed in March by Webtorials, a Web-based networking research and education firm, had deployed 802.11 phones or planned to within six months. There are several reasons for the lukewarm adoption. One is that many users are waiting for dualmode handsets and service plans from their cellular service providers so that they can make both cell and Vo-Fi calls from the same device.

"Yes, I would like to do wireless VoIP," said Gary Bernstein, director, network and communications services at McGiIl University in Montreal. "No, I have no imminent plans to do so until my wireless network is fairly ubiquitous and [a carrier] can actually show me a realistic business plan that involves dual-mode handsets."

Cellular service providers are gradually developing standards on which to base such offerings, including those for fixed mobile convergence (FMC) like the ITU's IP Multimedia Subsystem. But new standards on the enterprise side and moreintegration work are also needed if Vo-Fi is to fulfill its promise. The 802.11 handsets will require the smarts of the enterprise IP-PBX, and telephony applications will need to know what's going on in the wireless network.

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