The feedback from my critique of awful cellphone software continues to trickle in. Today, a few great suggestions for new phone features from readers:

* “Here is one thing that has bugged me forever: Everyone seems to have the feature to put your phone on vibrate—but how often do you come out of a meeting and forget to take the phone OUT of vibrate?

“And then what happens? I keep the phone on my office desk, it vibrates quietly when I get a phone call and I miss the call. I would like to see a feature that allows you to put the phone on vibrate for a certain amount of time (1 hour, 2 hours, etc.) or until a certain time (vibrate until 7 PM).”

* “Why don’t they have something called a ‘ring permitted’ list?

“It would work like this: My father’s in intensive care, and I’ve been in the hospital for 48 hours. My sister and mom are taking over watching him. I NEED a nap! I want to leave my phone on and put my sister and mom on the Permitted Ring list. That way, non-urgent calls won’t wake me, but my mom or sister could if there was a crisis.

“OR…my wife’s out of town and I’m going to bed. I want ONLY HER to be able to wake me. All calls but my wife’s go to voice mail.

“Or… only the babysitter could get through when I’m out at the theater….Whatever. THIS WOULD BE SO SIMPLE TO DO!

* “Why don’t they let you re-label the phone book entries? For example, instead of Home, Work, Mobile and Fax numbers, let us re-label them as Home, Beach House, Girlfriend, Parents’, etc.?”

All right, cellphone makers. The gauntlet’s been thrown down. Your move.