União Européia pode baixar impostos específicos sobre smartphones


Vendors up in arms over plans to re-classify some phones as 'multi-functional devices'.
Reuters reports that the European Union is preparing to tax certain types of smartphones, including a 14 per cent levy on handsets with TV receivers and 3.7 per cent on those with sat nav.

The move is a result similar taxes being introduced in Germany and the Netherlands, with the EU now attempting to harmonise policy across the continent.

Smartphones are widely seen by analysts as a growth segment as the overall European market shrinks in the tough economic climate, so the proposals haven't exactly met with a warm reception from the trade.

Reacting to the news a Nokia spokesperson told Reuters: "There is a danger that this proposal would put the latest technology out of the reach of European consumers as it would simply push up the price of sophisticated mobile phones. This is in nobody's interest."

EU policy-makers have been a thorn in the mobile industry's side throughout the year and recently unveiled proposals to slash the cost of data roaming next year.

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